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CanSurround is a web and mobile experience solely focused on reducing needless distress and creating emotional well-being for people living with cancer.

If you are having difficulty using any of our features, please take a look at the support materials located on the CanSurround Support Site. There you’ll find frequently asked questions, instructional videos, and how-to guides to assist you with any questions about the system.

Your information will always be confidential. We meet all HIPAA requirements for information storage, transmission and processing. For details,see our Privacy Statement and our Health Information Privacy Notice.

Having Emotional Difficulties?

Cancer Support Community Arizona provides you with the help that you need, whether it is connecting to resources, making informed decisions or finding ways to cope with cancer and its ripple effect.

If you would like to speak with someone at Cancer Support Community Arizona , please call (602) 712-1006.  

If you are in crisis, please access the Arizona Crisis Response Network at 1(800) 631-1314.

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